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Kia Flex

Anyone who is on the move with a rental car from Kia Flex always enjoys a relaxed drive thanks to the comprehensive benefits package.

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The range of services of Kia Flex

  • Rental cars all inclusive

    The monthly rental instalments for your Kia include all the costs apart from fuel. Kia Flex takes care of insurance, maintenance, road tax and the right tyres to suit the time of year — all you are left to do is drive and fill it up.

  • Delivery

    Your preferred Kia is delivered in Switzerland with no added costs to a Hertz location or a Kia partner as you choose. Your rental car thus comes straight to you. Would you like us to deliver your rental car directly to your home? For a small surcharge, that is no problem.

  • Car cleaning service

    Once a month you can take your rented vehicle to a Hertz location near you, where it will be cleaned inside and out. This way your rented Kia will always shine like new.

Other services and benefits when hiring a car from Kia Flex

  • Short minimum rental period: Enjoy the flexible choice of rental period from 1 to 12 months*
  • Easy to hire the rental car: No down payment is necessary, putting a valid credit card on file is sufficient
  • Rent new Kia models with an average age of 4 months
  • Thanks to the services offered by Kia Flex, your rental car is always perfectly maintained and equipped for the time of year
  • Collection and return of the hired vehicle throughout Switzerland at around 40 Hertz locations
  • Delivery also possible to Kia partner on request
  • Be mobile straight away and have your rented Kia delivered straight to your preferred location for a small fee
  • Model guarantee: You get exactly the Kia rental vehicle that you chose beforehand. To make your rental car available as soon as possible, the vehicle colour may vary. 
  • Attractive terms for long-term rental. Enjoy great all-inclusive benefits
  • No additional costs apart from fuel

* Shorter or longer rental duration possible on request

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